OC1 Rehydration And Refuelling

Rehydration And Refuelling

Nutrition plays a key role in the optimal health and performance of all athletes. Many athletes have realised that unless they refuel their body with the right foods their training becomes difficult. Sports nutrition is not about magic pills, potions or special foods. It is about sound nutritional principles that help all athletes keep healthy, train hard, recover well and enjoy life. The Nutrition Guidelines provide the nutrition basis that all athletes should follow.
These Guidelines are:
1. Eat a varity of food each day from each of the four major fodd groups: fruit and vegetables; bread and cereal; milk and milk products; lean meat; fish; poultry; eggs; nuts; legumes.
2. prepare meals with normal added fat and salt.
3. Choose pre-prepared foods and snacks that are low in fat, salt and sugar.
4. Maintain a healthy bodyweight by regular physical activity and by healthy eating.
5. Drink plenty of liquids each day 6. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.


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