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OC1 racing has become anything but a casual pastime these days! As recently as 2001, only a few of the very best athletes were in the lead pack – but now, you have to be one of the top ten from multiple countries to have a shot at staying in the winner’s circle. It’s not just a matter of training volume, either – countless hours of quality preparation, recovery, and dedication are essential.

I’ve observed that it takes an average of two years to build a champion of OC1 races, and it’s all about phasing. Strength and conditioning are key, as is learning how to recover, being part of a waa, having a grasp of various paddling techniques, understanding the wind, waves, and tide, mastering wave riding and surfing, honing coordination and boat speed, constructing a race strategy, tracking and monitoring your progress, and peak tapering. After that first year, athletes must continue to develop their skills and progress to the next level of the training – each year provides a new set of obstacles.

Teamksport Competition is about commitment – without this, none of the great athletes we know today would still be winning. It takes discipline, goal-setting, and an unbeatable will to succeed!

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