Our Mission

OC1 racing has become a highly competitive sport across the globe. Back in 2001, the lead pack only had two or three of the best paddlers. 

Fast forward to 2023 and you have at least ten of the top athletes from different countries. 

So, how do you stay ahead of the pack? 

It’s not just about who does the most training or intervals. Consistently winning or staying in the winning circle requires quality training, recovery, and dedication. 

I’ve seen it take at least two years to create an OC1 champion. Our athletes are built in phases, each one requiring completion before moving on to the next. Strength and conditioning,

 understanding recovery, being part of a waa, stroke gears technique, understanding wind, waves, tide, landmarks, wave riding, surfing, paddling skills and coordination, boat speed and heart rate, race strategy, tracking and monitoring, tapering and peak. After the first year,

 athletes move to the next level of training – each year presents a new challenge. These athletes are still winning today, thanks to their commitment, discipline, goal-setting, and desire to win. 

Teamksport Competition – it really is all about the commitment.

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