OC1 training Pre Race Strategy

When it comes to OC1 training, pre-race strategy is key for optimal performance. Proper hydration is a key component of any successful pre-race plan. OC1 racers rely heavily on their physical strength and endurance to succeed in each race, so it is important to ensure that adequate hydration is a priority.

All to often, racers wait until the race is underway to worry about hydration. This is a big mistake and can lead to a weakened performance due to dehydration. Prior to each race, it is important to make sure you are properly hydrated, and this involves both drinking plenty of fluids before and during the race.

Water and EFS is the best type of hydration for OC1 racers. Which replenishes the body’s fluids and keeps it cool in high temperatures which are common in OC1 racing. Other options such as sports drinks can be used, but water should be the primary source of hydration to ensure optimal performance.

If you are planning to race in conditions of extreme heat it is important to start hydrating the day before the event. This gives your body time to store and absorb the extra fluids. Drink one or two cups of water about an hour before the race and be sure to drink some while racing.

Adequate hydration can be difficult to maintain during longer races that span multiple days. It is important to keep drinking fluids throughout the race in order to prevent dehydration. Sports drinks can be useful here, as they can provide both hydration and a boost of energy when racing for long periods of time.

In summary, OC1 pre-race strategy should include proper hydration. Make sure to drink enough of the right fluids both before and during the race to ensure optimal performance. If you are properly hydrated you are all set to get the best results from your race.

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