“Fuel Supply” For OC1 Canoe Training

The OC1 Fuel Supply is crucial to performance, What is the most important Fuel for Athletes? Is it Carbohydrates? Inadequate levels will compromise your program and the performance of all Athletes. Outrigger Canoe Training require energy to exercise and this energy comes from the food we eat. Two major is fuel sources are Carbohydrates and Fat.

Carbohydrates is reguarded as the “Premium” fuel as it is the only nutrient used when exercising anaerobically (without oxygen) or at a high intensity. Fats can only be used under aerobic conditions, so they might be as “Unleaded” fuel. Fat becomes and important fuel source in endurance events.

Carbohydrates is the central fuel for the body. Once our body’s stores of carbohydrate (glycogen) are exhausted, our ability to use fat and protein is diminished and intensity has to decrease.

not as important for shorter events or high – intensity exercise. Protein is only used as and energy source under extreme conditions, such as when carbohydrate levels become low. Outrigger Canoe Training places a great demand on these athletes.

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