IPS Set Up or What To Do…

IPS Setup OR What To Do…

·        Step 1

·        Get affiliate offers

·        Go to DFY section+Find new &fresh (watch tutorials+DFY)

·        Apply for affiliate links (aim to get 5+ Offers)

·        USE LICENSE RIGHTS!!!! (Guararanteed approval+commission bump)

·        Step 2

·        Step Autoresponder(So you can build a list, Getresponse)

·        Set up New Lists (Watch tutorials+DFY)

·        2 lists one for traffic one for active Subscribers.

·        Set Up New Follow Up Sequence(7days, 012-1 offer,

·        3456-2offer)

·        Read DFY Emails (To get a feel for the emails)

·        Step 3

·        Get Landing Page + Thank You Page (so you can build a list)

·        FROM DFY SECTION ( watch tutorials + DFY)

·        Choose traffic source depending on your budget

·        (search ads cheaper, solo ads faster)

·        Connect your autoresponder (watch tutorials)

·        Add your affiliate Links (watch tutorials)

·        Step 4

·        Tracking (So you know what’s up)

·        Create a clickmagick account(watch tutorials)

·        Set Up POLICEMAN/PIXEL FOR Tracking(Tutorials)

·        Create your Tracking Link watch tutorials)

·        Step 5

·        Get Traffic (So you can make money)

·        Solo Ads, Just place an order.(watch tutorials)

·        Search ads, just create campaign.(Tutorials)

·        WAIT

·        Step 6

·        KEEP MAILING EVERY SINGLE DAY(So you can make money!!)

·        KEEP MAILING EVERY DAY(Watch Tutorials)

·        Schedule your emails(Tutorials)

·        Make sales and reinvest profits.


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