Coach Kalani

If you’re an endurance paddler looking to elevate your performance, then look no further than Kalani Young. This recognized world-class Elite OC1 and OC6 paddling coach and certified Personal trainer has more than 30 years of experience in the coaching and paddling arena. He’s coached World Class Champions such as Kai Bartlett, John and Jim Foti, Pat and Ryan Dolan, Pat Von and Aaron Napoleon, and his athletes have placed in the top six in the highly regarded OC1 Molokai Channel Race for the past nine years.

Kalani specializes in merging traditional training with the best modern technologies, allowing individuals to improve their fitness quickly and safely. He believes in “more gain, less pain,” helping to build strong Aerobic Systems that can excel in peak performance.

If you’re an endurance paddler looking to maximize your potential, then Kalani Young is your go-to coach. He enjoys working with passionate and driven athletes to help them reach their full potential. With Kalani’s expertise, you can reach and exceed your goals!

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