With more than three decades of experience under his belt, Coach Kalani was a welcome addition to Lanikai Canoe Club’s coaching staff. His years of wisdom and knowledge of the sport contributed to the club’s unrivaled success in the competitive paddling world. In addition to his impressive accomplishments, Coach Kalani was inspired to create and coach his own OC1 team. 

TEAMKSPORT COMPETITION was founded with the legendary ocean athlete, Buzzy Kerbox as the first in a long line of elite competitors. The training program underwent a rigorous process, intended to prepare Buzzy for the esteemed TRIPLE CROWN of Surfing. Jim and John Foti, Kai Barlett, Pat Dolan, Ryan Dolan, and Aaron Napoleon were among the early team members, paving the way for years of success.

Exhaustive training protocols and personal coaching are mandatory for each competitor, under the supervision of a professional trainer. The program requires a minimum 5 to 12 months of participation and can be extended if desired. Supported by more than three decades of knowledge and experience, TEAMKSPORT COMPETITION will surely continue to thrive.

All of his Paddling Athletes are “Elite World Class Molokai To Oahu OC1 Champions…

Three of his Athletes made history by being inducted into Hawaii’s Waterman Hall Of Fame, and three more achieved the incredible feat of qualifying for the Olympics! What an amazing accomplishment – we couldn’t be more excited!

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